Product footprint certification

Third party assurance of carbon measurement, reduction and neutrality claims.


The Carbon Trust Footprint Label allows you to foster brand loyalty, visibly differentiate your product and confidently demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.  

Measuring and analysing your product footprint also provides a wealth of data to help you manage risks, cut costs, and identify product-development opportunities.

What is a product footprint? 

A product carbon or water footprint is the total sum of the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) produced or the water used throughout a product’s lifecycle, including production, distribution and use.

Benefits of certification

Deliver improvements 

  • Benchmark your product performance 
  • Identify opportunities for efficiency 
  • Encourage adoption of lower impact products 

Enhance reputation 

  • Independent assurance of environmental credentials 
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors 
  • Engage staff and customers with product sustainability 

Beyond compliance 

  • Verified environmental impact data 
  • Meet contracting and procurement expectations 
  • Show leadership on sustainability issues 

How we can help 

Carbon Trust Footprint Label

Universally recognised, the Carbon Trust Footprint Label shows your customers, employees and stakeholders that you have taken steps to measure and reduce the resource footprint of your product.

Other product footprint certification

The Carbon Trust can provide assurance on a wide range of environmental claims related to products, including:  

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