Carbon neutral certification

Certify your organisation or product to PAS 2060 - the only recognised international standard for carbon neutrality. 

A carbon neutral certification demonstrates an organisation’s commitment to sustainability, reduction of carbon emissions and the support of environmental projects.  

What is a carbon neutral footprint?  
A carbon neutral footprint is one where the sum of the greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) produced is offset by natural carbon sinks and/or carbon credits.  

What is PAS 2060? 
PAS 2060 is the internationally recognised specification for carbon neutrality and builds on the existing PAS 2050 environmental standard. It sets out requirements for quantification, reduction and offsetting of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 


  • Improve resource efficiency and save costs 
  • Enhance your green credentials and improve customer loyalty 
  • Differentiate yourself as an environmentally responsible brand
  • Influence stakeholders up and down stream  
  • Meet procurement requirements for more sustainable products 
  • Comply with present and upcoming regulations

How we can help 

Carbon Trust Assurance certifies organisations, products, events and select scope 3 categories to PAS 2060 – the internationally recognised standard for the demonstration of carbon neutrality.   

Carbon Neutral Certificate 
The Carbon Neutral Certificate is awarded to organisations and sites that meet the strict criteria for carbon neutrality. 

Carbon Neutral Product Certificate 
The Carbon Neutral Product Certificate is awarded to specific products or services. The label can be used on the product to communicate its sustainability credentials. 

Why Carbon Trust? 

Carbon Trust Assurance is the world’s leading independent certification body for carbon footprints. Our certification process follows the only internationally recognised carbon neutral standard, PAS 2060, a standard developed by BSI with input from the Carbon Trust. 

We ensure the robustness of carbon accounting, the strength of carbon management plans and that credible offsets have been purchased.  

The Carbon Trust only recognises Gold Standard, VCS and Woodland Code UK carbon credits for offsetting. 


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