Verification and assurance

Our verification and assurance services allow organisations to report environmental claims and data with confidence and credibility. 


A growing number of organisations are taking action to manage their environmental impacts by measuring and reporting their emissions, waste streams and resource consumption. 

Our verification services will ensure this data has the credibility and accuracy necessary to satisfy stakeholder, employee and customer expectations.

Verification may be useful if your business: 

  • plans to publish details of your carbon footprint, eg. in an annual report 
  • has been collecting footprint data but does not yet meet the requirements for the Carbon Trust Standard 
  • is looking for independent assurance of other organisational footprint claims, such as the footprint across different boundaries or multiple years. 


  • Ensure accurate data monitoring and reporting 
  • Build credibility and confidence with customers, stakeholders and shareholders 
  • Avoid the risks of publishing unreliable data 
  • Identify cost reductions and efficiency gains 

Our approach 

Our experts will add value to your environmental data reporting by providing robust auditing with independent insight and constructive feedback. 

We’ll work with the appropriate internationally recognised standard, such as ISO14064, ISO 14067, or ISAE 3000.