Tetra Pak and the Carbon Trust

The Carbon Trust is working with Tetra Pak to help them measure and reduce the carbon footprint of their packaging products in the following ways:

1. Product carbon footprint calculations and certification

  • The Carbon Trust has certified Tetra Pak’s online carbon footprint calculator and certified it as capable of generating 'cradle-to-gate' product carbon footprints in compliance with the following international standards - PAS 2050,  ISO 14044 and ISO 14067. 
  • The ‘cradle-to-grave’ carbon footprint of Tetra Pak’s new plant-based packaging that is made out of sugar cane has been certified by the Carbon Trust.
  • We have certified the carbon footprint reductions achieved by comparing the cradle-to-grave product carbon footprint of standard Tetra Pak packaging vs the crade-to-grave product carbon footprint of the new plant-based Tetra Pak packages.
  • The product carbon footprint of Tetra Pak’s Tetra Rex® Plant-based packages has been certified as carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust in compliance with the internationally recognised PAS 2060 standard, through measuring and reducing the product carbon footprint, and compensating for any residual emissions. 

Tetra Pak online carbon calculator

Tetra Pak CO2 calculator certificate (pdf)

More information about carbon neutral certification from the Carbon Trust


2. Product carbon footprint labelling

  • We have licensed the use of the Carbon Trust product carbon footprint label with ‘Reducing CO2 Packaging’ scope on Tetra Pak’s plant-based packaging that is made from sugar cane. This packaging has a lower product carbon footprint than Tetra Pak’s standard packaging.
  • We have licensed the use of the Carbon Trust product carbon footprint label with ‘Carbon Neutral Packaging’ scope on Tetra Pak’s Tetra Rex® Plant-based packages (which are made solely from a combination of plastics derived from sugar cane and paperboard).

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