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Supply chain transformation and resource efficiency

How can big businesses save billions?

Supply chain transformation & resource efficiency

Publication date: April 2016

Despite the recent commodity price boom and bust, the business case for supply chain resource efficiency remains strong. The Carbon Trust’s analysis shows that energy and climate change related impacts on the supply chain can add up to billions of pounds of value-at-stake for companies. This includes avoiding the negative impacts of input cost volatility as well as benefits from supply chain efficiency and transformation opportunities.

This white paper examines the key drivers of supply chain risk and opportunity for companies through the perspective of energy and climate change. It then proposes a comprehensive approach to addressing this challenge by looking at supplier-focused actions, as well as re-thinking products and business models. This includes outlining the Carbon Trust’s value-at-stake methodology, as well as providing practical examples of corporates that are driving positive changes within their supply chains that deliver real  business benefits.

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