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Sector specific publications

Find expert advice for your sector, to help you cut carbon and save money in your workplace.  

Food and drink

Food and drink processing sector overview (CTV004 / CTV054)
Food and catering sector overview (CTV035 / CTV066)


Hospitals sector overview (CTV024)

Higher & further education

Further & higher education sector overview (CTV020/CTV060)


Hospitality sector overview (CTV058 / CTV013)

Local government

Local authorities - Saving energy in local authority buildings (CTV028)

Metals and metal products

High temperature industry sector overview (CTV011 / CTV056)
Process heating overview (CTV064)
Industrial process control overview (CTV063)

Mining and quarrying

Mining and quarrying sector advice

Plastics and rubber

Chemicals sector overview (CTV012 / CTV057)

Retail and distribution

Retail sector overview (CTV001/CTV053)


Schools sector overview (CTV019)

Sport and leisure

Sports and leisure sector overview (CTV006)


Please note that some of our older publications refer to a 0% loans scheme in England that has now closed.  Small and medium sized businesses in England, Scotland and Wales may be eligible for the Carbon Trust Green Business Fund.  0% loans are still available in Wales and Northern Ireland only.

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