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The Scottish Butchers' Guide to Saving Energy

An average Scottish butcher could see savings of £720 per year by taking steps to manage their gas and electricity costs

The Scottish Butchers' Guide to Saving Energy has been produced by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and the Carbon Trust Scotland, to help retail butchers to save energy, reduce costs and cut CO2 emissions.

A key step in managing energy is to appoint an Energy Champion, and it is important for this person to read this document as it will help equip them in their task.

The energy-saving opportunities in this guide were identified from energy surveys of Scottish butchers carried out by the Carbon Trust in Scotland.

This guide assumes no previous knowledge of energy management. It describes simple but effective approaches for driving down costs and reducing carbon emissions.

The energy-saving opportunities fall into three categories:

  • No-cost Actions which can be made immediately and bring immediate savings.
  • Low-cost Measures which require small investments below £500.
  • Investment Measures which require financial investment of over £500.

In many butchers’, simple no-cost actions can be made immediately to reduce bills by 6%. Typically, a further 4% savings can be made by low-cost measures.

For a typical butcher with annual energy costs of £12,000, this means £720 of savings per year are achievable by no-cost actions and an additional £480 of savings per year by low-cost measures.

Download the guide:

The Scottish Butchers’ Guide to Saving Energy (PDF)


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