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How to be a good supplier

Guide to managing energy issues and improving environmental credentials of your business

How to be a good supplier

Are your customers requesting more and more information about the energy and environmental impacts of your organisations’ operations or those of your supply chain?

Are you looking to communicate and demonstrate your sustainability credentials to stakeholders?

The How to be a good supplier guide seeks to address these issues for small and medium-sized businesses.

In many cases a significant proportion of the carbon footprint of products and services is attributed to the wider supply chain, not just the direct carbon emissions of the company providing the product/service.

Customer organisations are looking to understand where their climate change risks are, engage their supply chain and encourage action. They are increasingly looking to their suppliers to reduce the carbon impacts of business activity and find more sustainable practices.

Environmental impacts can be reduced through product and packaging design, smarter selection of raw materials, manufacturing process, transportation, optimising usage and waste reduction and recycling.

As a supplier, act now to reduce the business risks associated with climate change – through clear management of energy use, setting improvement goals and undertaking energy reduction projects – and benefit from reduced costs and improved reputation with your customers.

Guide to being a good supplier

Published December 2017

This 21 page guide on How to be a good supplier explains the many benefits of focusing in on your environmental performance, in order to meet the ever increasing demands of customers for high environmental standards from their suppliers.

It describes at high level how to implement an energy management programme, one of the simplest and most cost effective ways of improving your environmental credentials.

How to be a good supplier - cover

The guide contents include:

  • Top tips
  • Who is this guide for
  • Why are customers focused on supply chain
  • What do your customers wants
  • What are your competitors doing
  • How to get your house in order
  • Checklists and further reading

Publication date: Dec 2017 ; Publication code CTV070

Information in this guide was correct at the time of publication

Download the guide:

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