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Buildings energy efficiency

Learn how improving building fabric, upgrading insulation and installing appropriate controls can save you money and help cut carbon emissions.

Around 60% of office heat is lost through the building fabric. Our Building fabric (CTV014 / CTV069) guide details how low-cost improvements can dramatically reduce this loss. In particular we look at:

  • Cavity wall and roof insulation.
  • Windows and glazing, including the benefits of double glazing, low-emissivity glass and integrated blinds.
  • Air infiltration and the importance of replacing broken seals and improving draught proofing.

Our report into Building control (CTV032) examines how installing and correctly operating technology that centrally operates heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting can reduce energy costs.

It recommends:

  • Incorporating an intelligent, computer-based energy-management system.
  • Ensuring control systems are set correctly for different weather conditions and occupancy levels.
  • Installing variable-speed drives to ensure pumps and fans only operate at the speeds necessary to meet demand.

Further guidance

The following publications are available for free download:


Energy efficiency support

Looking to save energy and cut carbon? You may be interested in the following services:

  • Housing services for public and private sector clients - We work with local authorities and social landlords to upgrade their housing stock and tackle fuel poverty. We can support property developers, contractors and suppliers in their delivery of resource efficient housing and communities.
  • Financing and implementation support for organisations seeking to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology.
  • Green Business Directory listing Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers of energy efficient and renewable energy technology

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