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Trust LED

About the company

Trust LED (a trading company of Energy SSP Limited) are suppliers of high quality LED lighting.  Survey existing equipment and supply like for like replacements in LED lighting.   Complete a scheme showing savings and benefits year 1 to year 10. For Energy Efficiency Financing projects we can complete all necessary paperwork and project savings are independently reviewed by the Carbon Trust. Supply and install of equipment if required.

Accredited technology groups:


Areas supplier covers

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Case study: Soccarena

A premier indoor football facility Soccarena has 8 state of the art floodlit indoor 6 a side pitches.

Venue Director Richard Rodden commented “The light quality of LED’s provide a daylight solution rather than the old yellow light we had on the Pitches.  LED lighting has really made a big difference to our electricity bills."

Describe existing/old technology:

Fluorescent tubes highbays floodlights bulbs GU10 spotlights and candles. Tungsten filament lamps, metal halide and son lights and fluorescent tubes.

Describe new technology/solution:

LED Fluorescent Tubes LED High Bays LED Floodlights LED Spotlights LED Candles.

50,000 Hour lifetime
Reduced Maintenance
EHA qualified
Reduced Maintenance
3 year guarantee

Capital cost: £67,634

Energy saving: £42,568

Carbon saving (tCO2e): 370 pa

Other savings: £5,057 Maintenance Costs per annum, ECA £13,526

Project payback: £67,634, Period 8 months

For Taskers it was a no brainer as we are able to meet both our responsibilities to the planet and to the business, it is a real win win! We would certainly recommend Trust LED to help you achieve this for your business.

Paul Schwarts, FCCA

Trust LED Taskers case study

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