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About the company

The Rack People is a supplier of intelligent ICAS™ cooling rack solutions which efficiently remove heat from rackmounted equipment in server rooms and offices, providing a smart alternative to wasteful Computer Room Air Conditioning. They identify the best cooling and/or quiet solution so you get the best, most energy efficient environment for your IT equipment.

Accredited technology groups:

  • Energy efficient IT & UPS


Case study: bluegfx - a London-based supplier of 3D graphic and CD design software, hardware, render nodes and infrastructure

Existing technology

The client housed their IT equipment in a small broom cupboard-sized server room, containing render nodes, mail servers and network storage. As a portable air-conditioner was insufficient, the cupboard doors were kept open to prevent the equipment overheating, and the noise of the equipment was adversely affecting the office workers.

New technology/solution

The ICAS (Intelligent Controlled Airflow System) cooling rack range provides an innovative way of removing the heat from IT equipment. The efficient cooling mechanism is only required to cool the area inside the rack, effectively drawing the hot air away from the equipment and ducting it elsewhere to dissipate harmlessly.

In the absence of new cooling racks technology supplied by The Rack People, the client would have purchased an integrated wall or ceiling air conditioner connected to an external condenser heat exchanger on the outside of the building, thereby endeavouring to cool an entire room with an expensive, inefficient technology. 

To solve the problem, the client looked at installing room air-conditioning. However, The Rack People suggested that an ICAS quiet office cooling rackmount cabinet, which combined extreme noise reduction and high thermal capacity, would provide a better, cheaper and more energy-efficient solution. The result is a very happy client!

Capital cost: £ 4,200

Carbon saving (tCO2e):  2.42 Kg

Energy saving: £ 3,613 pa

Other savings:
£3,600 pa air con
£600 pa Aircon servicing
£12,000 capital exp 

Project payback: less than 1 year



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