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Stretch Ceilings Ltd
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Stretch Ceilings Ltd is a supplier and installer of energy efficient LED lighting. These expertise married with Stretch Ceiling diffuser products provide a quality, long life, cost effective solution to your lighting needs. Stretch Ceilings Ltd can support you from concept through to completion using specified manufacturers’ products or their own Quadlink LEDs in 3000K, 4000K, 6500K, RGB or Tunable (see Stretch Ceilings are also a 30 year old ISO 9001 certified company.

Top 3 target sectors:

  • Industrial - Manufacturing
  • Wholesale/Retail
  • Offices

Typical project size:

  • £1,000 - £500,000

Accredited technology group:

  • Lighting

Case Study: Ferrari Dealership, Egham

Existing equipment:

The existing lighting was of cold cathode type in 9 panels that was expensive to run and very expensive to replace when discharged and no longer bright enough to serve the purpose above the Stretch ceiling diffuser.

Lighting solution:

Replacement works involved the removal of the Stretch ceilings diffuser and replacement of lights with 99sqm of Quadlink 6500K LED cable feed modules pre-mounted on white back boards controlled by suitable 12V converters. Installation was quick and clean with minimal disruption. Quadlinks are held in stock for expedited delivery.

Capital cost: £14,500.00

Energy Savings: £8,713.00/annum

Carbon Savings (tCO2e): 4992

Project payback: 1.7 years

"We were completely satisfied with the performance, operation and standards of work. We had no faults and would use the supplier again. Overall Rating: 9"




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