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Over the past 8 years, Solar South West have tested and expanded their unrivalled knowledge through a diverse range of projects in the solar PV industry, including: bespoke PV design, development & construction, O&M, energy storage batteries (installation & configuration) and energy monitoring & management systems. Market leaders for anything PV.

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Case Study: Solar School 

Existing Technology: SSW were commissioned to install a carbon and money saving PV system at a school local to their area. There was no previous PV or energy management technology installed.

New Technology: SSW installed 67.2kWp of PV on to multiple tiled rooftops with 30-degree pitch and multiple azimuths. They used scaffolding, an edge protector and telehandler to mount the panels onto a railing system. They also installed the SMA Cluster Controller energy monitoring system to limit export - due to grid connection restraints.

Capital Cost: £69,000

Energy Saving: £6,103 pa

Carbon Saving: 38.11 tCO2e pa

Other Savings: £8,683 pa (FIT & Export)

Project Payback: £362,425 (20 years)

SSW have been at the forefront of monitoring technology since its development and commercial usage. When installing the SMA Cluster Controller, they were one of the first companies to do so in the UK, and as such, throughout the process they helped educate the DNO about the product’s functionality.

Solar South West have transformed our school's attitude to energy use and production. The installation of 240 PV modules was efficient and worked around the needs of a running school. They continue to offer excellent support and advice and we would recommend them to any school or educational institution.

Paul Walton - Deputy Head

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