Pilot Group Infrastructure Ltd T\A Vickers Electronics.

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The Pilot Group Limited
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About the company

Vickers design, manufacture and install energy management systems (EMS) to centrally control heating working alongside your existing radiant tube heaters and warm air heaters. The system uses self-learning predictive programming coupled with high accuracy temperature sensing to deliver dramatic energy consumption reductions whilst ensuring correct temperatures are achieved. Average savings are a 43% reduction in consumption so we deliver large cash savings and reduce carbon emissions so help businesses meet their environmental targets.

Accredited technology groups:

  • Controls, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Lighting


Case Study: Dick Lovett Group reduces gas consumption by over 47%

Leading prestige car dealership group Dick Lovett has reduced their gas consumption by 47.32% after installing Vickers Energy Group’s energy management system at two of their dealerships.

The family owned company represents brands such as BMW, MINI, Ferrari, Maserati and Porsche and has committed to a long-term energy efficiency plan; leading the way with environmentally conscious and socially responsible business practices.

The first 12 months analysis has revealed a reduction in gas consumption of 261,826kWh, equating to £9,599 and a reduction in CO2 emissions by 48.18 tonnes.

Using just one control panel, our system regulates heating across different temperature zones without the need for different systems, clock setting, equipment or manual intervention. Along with the use of highly accurate digital sensors positioned throughout the site, our panel can also be remotely controlled from our head office.

We are really pleased with the results, particularly the huge reduction in CO2 emissions, which is really important to our environmental outlook. Plus, the guaranteed paid back period of 19 months is due to be met six months ahead of schedule, exceeding our expectation

Cyril Cook, Dick Lovett



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