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About the company

Oceanair are a specialist heat pump distributor, they work with consultants and contractors to develop energy efficient solutions that deliver return on investment. They supply air to water, air to air, VRF and Gas engine heat pumps. They provide commissioning; technical support and specialist servicing utilising manufacturers service software. 

Winner of 2013 Distributor of the year

Finalist 2013 National Heat pump awards

Finalist 2013 Cooling Industry awards Heat Pump Project of the year

Accredited technology groups:

  • Heat pumps
  • Heat recovery ventilation
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning


Case Study: Carluccios Restaurant Meadowhall

Existing technology

Replace Megaflo hot water heater that was using electric heater elements to heat the hot water for the restaurant.

New technology solution

Install air to water heat pump with thermal store and heat recovery interceptor to take advantage of the waste heat from the cook line and transfer into the hot water tank.

Capital cost: £7,000

Energy saving: £4,221

Carbon saving (tCO2e):11.9 tonnes of Carbon

£1,389 climate change levy

Project payback: 18 months

Energy meters were installed at two like for like sites one in Leeds the other in Meadowhall, the total amount of water consumed was also measured along with all electrical power including back up immersion heaters (which have never been in use) The results proved that the heat pump saved 71.5% of the energy being used.

We strive for sustainability wherever possible right across our business and were keen to trial air to water heat pumps at our new Sheffield restaurant. The results of the trial show us that we can achieve significant savings on our energy costs as well as reducing our Carbon footprint. We hope to now install Aquarea units at all our new developments and retro fit ASHP’s to our existing 50 restaurants.

Alison Stanton, Development Director

Follow this link to find out more about Oceanair's work with Carluccios http://www.oceanairuk.com/our-work/carluccios-award-winning-air-water-heat-pump-solution/



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