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Morgan Hope Industries Ltd
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United Kingdom

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Established in 1992 Morgan Hope industries are a UK based LED lighting manufacturer.  Morgan Hope provides a range of consultancy services which include site surveys, photometric planning and comparative energy efficiency audits. The company offers both standard and bespoke products, onsite installation, commissioning and a five year product warranty.    

Accredited technology group:

  • Lighting


Case Study: APCOA MSCP LED Lighting & Installation Upgrade

Existing Technology: The existing installation included a total of 216 Holophane Atlanta Luminaires containing twin 55 Watt PLL lamps, each consuming approximately 115 Watts. The emergency lighting provision, sensor control and timeclock systems were found to be either inoperative or outdated. Existing levels of illumination were assessed and found to be inadequate.

New Technology: Bespoke LED gear trays were designed, manufactured and installed, each equipped with a microwave motion sensor and consuming only 58 Watts at full output and 12 Watts in ambient light mode when no occupancy is detected. The emergency lighting provision and timeclock systems were replaced. Overall illumination levels were increased.

Project delivered entirely by Morgan Hope including design, manufacture and installation.
Desired increased lighting levels achieved and in excess of current EN guidelines.
Post installation review by the client confirmed that actual energy savings are in excess of projected expectations.
0% post installation product failure rate.
Payback 3.43 years

Capital Cost: £49,300 including installation

Energy Saving: £12,366 per annum

Carbon Saving: 47.02 tCO2e per annum

Other Savings: £3,150 per annum (maintenance)

Project Payback: £77,580 over 5 years

Working with Morgan Hope throughout the project has been a pleasure. Their levels of communication throughout have been exceptional and the aftercare provided has been excellent. Their team worked in a professional and efficient manner working closely with the operational team on site to minimise disruption and complete to schedule.

Adam Richards - Area Commercial Manager North West and Yorkshire at APCOA



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