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Luceco is a global lighting manufacturer supplying innovative, high efficiency, energy saving LED luminaires to the specification and retail markets. Luceco can advise on all aspects of a lighting project from concept and design through to install and aftercare, offering technical support and dedicated customer service.

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  • Lighting


Case Study: Maplin Electronics Estate Roll-out

Luceco worked in parallel with Maplin Electronics to realise its lighting refurbishment project of converting much of its store estate from traditional light sourced fittings to LED energy efficient luminaires.  The project included the need for improved lighting within its stores and lower energy costs.

Luceco was tasked with designing an LED lighting solution using highly efficient recessed LED LuxPanels.  The design also called for lighting solutions to suit various areas in the stores.

With the roll-out now complete, the finance team at Maplin reported an increase in the original energy consumption savings above predicted levels.

Annual energy savings: £240,000

CO2 savings: Over 1,100 tCO2e annually

Luceco supplied over 4500 fittings in total, delivering an upgrade in lighting and substantial energy savings. This benefited the end user with an annual saving of over £240,000 equating to over £2,000,000 over the lifetime of the fittings.  Other environmental benefits include Co2 savings equating to over 1100 Tonnes per year which is a 10778 Tonnes over the predicted life time of the luminaries.

We partnered with Luceco some time ago now and their products and service received throughout our store LED conversion and SoTF project was first class

Jonathan England, Head of Property at Maplin


Case study: Illuminating results at Manchester Royal Infirmary


Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) can claim many medical breakthroughs and can also boast pioneering energy efficient lighting throughout their estate. Luceco and the Estates and Facilities Directorate at the MRI have worked together to reduce energy consumed by old lighting technology, replacing these fittings with cost effective LED luminaires from Luceco.

Richard Horton said “An example would be a typical hospital corridor.  We removed 120W wall washers and replaced them with LED asymmetric LuxPanels from Luceco running at 44W, creating substantial savings. However, using Luceco wireless lighting controls, we have reduced the energy consumption of the 44W luminaires to provide an additional 95% saving by utilising available daylight. The corridor was lit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it now operates at 5% for the majority of the burning hours when personnel are not present, illuminating to 100% when traffic is detected. Whilst we realise daylight light harvesting will reduce during the winter, the impact on energy consumption along with the PIR control has created massive energy savings.”



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