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Manufacturer of LED based lamps and luminaires, and provider of quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible bespoke lighting solutions for residential, commercial and public sectors. Complete control of the supply chain: design, specification, manufacture and distribution - dedicated to maximising the energy, aesthetic and cost-saving potential of LED technology for customers.

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Case Study - Somerset College

Somerset College is a further and higher education college with over 3000 students who currently utilise the College facilities in Taunton. Using an outdated fluorescent lighting system, the college wanted to update to a more reliable and energy efficient LED scheme. Campus lighting had fallen down the agenda and was getting increasingly expensive to maintain and replace faulty lights, while the electricity expenditure continued to escalate. Having reviewed these figures, it was decided that it was time to invest in new lighting to bring down future costs. The college's mechanical and electrical contractor Arc Taunton Ltd., had worked with Kosnic previously on other client projects and tasked the Kosnic Project Team with the renovation.

The solution:

The college was lit with 844 of Cat 2, 4 x 18 Watt T8 600 x 600 Contract Recessed Modular Lights and 219 of PL Fitting 2 x 24 Watt Downlights. With the campus such a vast area to light, Kosnic reviewed the existing system to develop a new LED scheme that would vastly reduce expenditure on electricity and lamps. Kosnic’s Project Team set about developing a lighting scheme with a series of products to improve the lighting output and efficiency across the college while supporting the emergency lighting requirements of the building. The new scheme features LUMI LED 40W Twin Bar Panels, which are ideal for use in schools, offices and hospital facilities. The Twin Bar Panel features Kosnic’s Edge-Light technology to ensure constant light across the illuminated surface of the luminaire. It’s this uniform light that helps maintain wellbeing, making it particularly suitable for the college campus. The LED ceiling and wall panel is an easy-fit replacement for standard ceiling tile fittings, has a long operating life of 40,000 hours and reduces energy costs by up to 50% when compared with fluorescent fittings. To support the facility’s emergency lighting requirement, the Kosnic LED Panel Emergency Module was fitted, which has a Li-Ion battery for improved lifespan. In the event of a power cut, the battery supplies the Kosnic LED panel with a reduced voltage through a converter connector that comes between the panel driver output and panel input, delivering light for up to three hours. The new scheme also features Kosnic’s LUMI LED 24W (8”) Commercial Downlight as a replacement for fluorescent downlights, again providing a 50% saving in energy usage when compared to the original fittings. The LED Commercial Downlight has a high lumen output and long life of 40,000 hours. The anti-glare design and faceted white reflector make it perfect for use in schools, offices and similar environments. The lamp is also compatible with Kosnic’s emergency module.

The result:

With 2,100 hours of usage each year, the old fluorescent fittings were costing £21,346.61 in electricity and replacement lamps each year. The Contract Recessed Modular Lights alone were costing £18,610.20, which will now reduce by an astounding 74% with the new Kosnic Twin Bar Panel replacement. Expenditure will be just £4,723.06 each year with just a 21-month payback period on the initial cost of installation. The Kosnic Commercial Downlight will add further savings of £1,968.35 each year, with total annual savings of £15,855.49.

We’re delighted with the outcome of the new lighting scheme. We knew there would be a significant cost saving but we weren’t anticipating the figures to be almost £16,000! The whole process was extremely smooth and professional with the Kosnic team delivering beyond expectations on the project – we couldn’t be happier

Mark Whaites, Somerset College



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