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About the company

INECO ENERGY was created to accelerate the deployment of sustainable energy solutions to fight climate change and protect our planet. Our team has delivered LED lighting and Solar PV solutions to over 80 schools, ‘designed for efficiency’ they deliver the optimum output using the least resource to deliver the greatest returns.

Accredited technology groups:

  • Lighting
  • Solar PV


Case Study: The Walnuts School

Existing Technology: The Walnuts Schools light quality was degrading due to constant failures of the existing fluorescent lighting increasing energy and maintenance costs. This negatively impacted the learning environment, distressing the pupils of the school. 

New Technology: INECO Energy provided a full-service lighting solution, designed for efficiency, to deliver the optimum light levels using the least resource to deliver the greatest returns. Light quality was improved to required guidelines enhancing the learning environment and reducing distress to pupils, delivering significant energy and maintenance cost savings.

Capital Cost: £96,788

Energy Saving: £12,446 p.a.

Carbon Saving (tCO2e): 46 p.a.

Other Savings: £2,500 (maintenance cost savings)

Project Payback: 7.78 years

The Walnuts School is a community residential special school and Children’s Home. All 175 pupils are on the autistic spectrum or have social communication difficulties as such the learning environment is vitally important. INECO Energy designed a lighting solution which delivered light quality of different colour temperatures for the specific environment to assist with classroom concentration and relaxation in social areas.

The whole process from survey/design, installation to completion was totally professional and stress free. The installation team were extremely accommodating and friendly, listening to us and working around the special needs of our school. Our light levels have greatly improved and we are seeing the benefits in energy and maintenance cost savings.

Site Manager, The Walnuts School






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