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Insights into energy efficiency and renewable energy technology written by Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers

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Keeping a low profile in urban areas

Posted by Daikin UK 8 April 2016

European-wide population growth has led to an increase in high-density building with hyper-dense schemes producing more than 1,100 habitable rooms per hectare in central London alone. As a result, available space is at a premium, so building services must be smaller and more compact. Martin Passingham, Product Manager for DX at Daikin UK discusses new innovations in ultra-compact air conditioning systems – and the benefits they offer in urban spaces.

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Retrofitting plug fans saves energy

25 February 2016

David White, Service Sales Manager at Fläkt Woods, outlines why a plug fan represents the most efficient solution to optimising the performance of an Air Handling Unit.

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Don’t de-steam, just implement 2 simple technologies to save over 25% of your boiler fuel bill

Posted by Thermal Energy 21 January 2016

Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier Thermal Energy outline two ways to optimise existing steam systems by recovering wasted energy.

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The benefits of installing smart radiator valves

Posted by Chalmor 12 January 2016

Chalmor Managing Director Steven Henry outlines the energy efficiency benefits of retrofitting smart radiator valves.

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Four pillars for energy savings in hotels

Posted by Save Money Cut Carbon 18 December 2015

Save Money Cut Carbon have identified four pillars for energy savings in hotels: Lighting retrofits, intelligent controls, smart pumping systems and efficient water management. These should always be business-based, with a clear idea of return on investment and have no negative impact on guest satisfaction.

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Bedford Hospital

Invest for success: The financial case for modern thermal fluid

Posted by Babcock Wanson 14 October 2015

Chris Horsley, Managing Director of Babcock Wanson, puts the financial case for businesses operating ageing, inefficient heat raising equipment to upgrade to modern systems to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

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