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Glamox Luxonic Ltd is a leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions and controls in the UK.

Glamox Luxonic Ltd offers a comprehensive LED product portfolio aimed at the Commercial, Retail, Healthcare, Education and Industrial markets.  Manufactured and designed in the UK, its products are focused on maximising efficiency – helping clients to achieve sustainability targets and to deliver the best lit environment cost-effectively.

Over the past 30 years, the company has been trusted by the some of the nation’s leading brands to deliver high profile projects including The Co-operative’s Angel Building, Hotel Football, and Manchester Metropolitan University’s Birley Campus.  Luxonic is headquartered in Hampshire, alongside its manufacturing and development hub. To learn more about Luxonic: visit

Accredited technology groups:

  • Lighting
  • Controls


Case study: Cold Move

Existing Technology:

400W Sodium Discharge Luminaires

Implemented Technology:

120W LED Luminaires

The temperature in the cold store is -23 degrees C, which is an issue for some traditional light sources.  Luxonic specified the LED Icelux fitting, specifically designed for lighting cold stores.  The efficiency of this product meant that the existing 400 W sodium light fittings could be replaced with only 120W.  That is a substantial saving in itself, but each fitting was also equipped with an integral presence detector allowing it to dim or switch off when the area below is unoccupied.  As an additional benefit, the light level was increased dramatically.  The efficiency of the LED fitting means that the light level was doubled, despite the considerable reduction in power consumption.

Capital Cost:  £44,000

Energy Saving:  -£30,000

Project Payback: 1.47

Carbon Saving (tCO2e):  192

The installation has been working on our site for several months now and we have already seen a huge reduction in our lighting electricity costs. This installation with the addition of the sensors has given us a lighting solution that is fit for purpose and has great cost benefits.

Mr Roberts, Engineering Manager at Cold Move Ltd



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