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Entu Energy Services

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Entu Energy Services

About the Company

Entu provide a nationwide turnkey solution to assist clients in the reduction of energy consumption. Our service encompasses the survey, design, specification, installation & commissioning of proven low energy products. We fulfil the disposal of old systems, and will introduce finance partners as required.

With fully validated energy reductions, and guaranteed maintenance savings via our 5 year on-site warranty  we will reduce your energy consumption.

Accredited technology groups: Lighting

Case Study - Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

Existing technology: A national warehousing and distribution centre with an array of high energy, low lifespan  400w sodium high bay lamps. Due to the high failure rates of these units, light levels across the warehouse were low, and inconsistent. 

Solution: Ensuring  no disruption to their clients business;  Entu installed high lumen efficiency 150w LED High Bay luminaires, with 50,000 hour lifespan, backed up by our 5 year on site warranty.

Capital cost: £46,000

Annual energy savings: £16,000

Annual carbon savings: 75 tCO2e

Other savings: £1,500 p.a. maintenance costs

Payback: 2.6 years

Entu successfully delivered the LED scheme on time and in budget, reducing total lamp wattage from 63,900w to just 25,500w, whilst greatly improving the level and quality of light in the warehouse and distribution facility. The reduction in energy use drives an annual saving of £16,181 at today’s energy costs

Robert Brigham, Ellis Brigam Mountain Sports

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