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About the Company

Ecolighting offers a versatile product range using the latest LED technology, creating bespoke solutions for any number of applications. We are assessed to BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and also members of the Lighting Industry Association. All this means we are fully committed to offering exceptional service, quality, technology and value.

Offering full turn key solutions, our core strength is lighting within commercial and industrial environments.


Accredited technology groups:

  • Lighting


Case Study: Butcher’s Pet Care 

Butcher’s Pet Care is a British company based in Crick, Northamptonshire, specialising in the production of high-quality foods for cats and dogs. 

The company had its entire site retrofitted using Ecolighting’s recommended LED luminaires, of which 647 were installed internally and 107 externally.  

Butcher’s Pet Care set a brief of a zero cost (zero capital outlay) project which was facilitated through Ecolighting’s new lease purchase offering. The solution meant that the company wouldn’t pay any capital upfront and would just pay a monthly lease purchase cost, which was outweighed significantly by the monthly savings.     

The company was paying around £12,000 per annum just maintaining its existing system. With the difference between the lease purchase monthly payment and the monthly energy saving standing at some £3,400 per month the energy savings with the new LED lighting are over £40,000 per annum. Based on this, Ecolighting was chosen for the job for its ability to provide a bespoke solution, zero capital outlay and the quality of its products. 

Andy Pynn, Electrical and Projects Engineer at Butcher’s Pet Care, commented, “Ecolighting made a number of visits whilst we looked at various options and nothing was too much trouble for them. Once the order was placed, the project team came on site and produced an in-depth installation plan so that we could schedule and restrict access to areas of the shop floor with lots of notice. Out of hours work was included. The installation team worked to food quality standards at all times and were very friendly and efficient. We were also pleased with the good quality documentation supplied upon project completion.”

Energy cost savings per annum: £81,905.97 (once lease repaid, £40,000 while lease active)

kWh savings per annum: 789,158

CO2 savings per annum: 223,387 kgCO2e 



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