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Carbon Reduction Technology Ltd
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About the company

Carbon Reduction Technology lighting offers the benefits of our Smart energy efficient industrial lighting solutions:

  • Significant financial savings
  • 16 months capital return on investment
  • Fully automated lighting controls throughout your facility even in the tallest of buildings
  • Smart Lighting Control training
  • Continuous energy monitoring incl emergency lights
  • Significant improvement in light distribution
  • Eon offer green loans and the Carbon Trust can provide support to our SME customers

A full-service package:

  • Lighting survey and designs to optimise requirements
  • Bespoke manufacturing from our own ISO9001:2015 factory
  • Project management/installation by accredited team
  • Ongoing improvement and support in carbon reduction initiatives

Additional Accreditation's and Memberships: 

ISO9001:2015, Gold member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, Winner of the Lux Awards 2018 for the best industrial installation of the year, Corporate member of ILP,

Top 3 target sectors:

  • Industrial - Manufacturing
  • Industrial - Warehouse and Storage
  • Wholesale/Retail

Typical project size:

  • £10,000 - £486,000

Accredited technology groups:

  • Lighting


Case Study: Volvo Construction Motherwell 

Volvo Motherwell manufacture off-highway rigid and articulated trucks for the most extreme hauling applications. To meet their corporate core values, they regularly review environmental responsibilities. Their manufacturing area used legacy 560 x 480W metal halide lights There facility operates 24 hours per day 5-6 days per week.

Old Technology

560 x 480W metal halide lights 


549 x 200W HBX LED luminaires from CRT. Each luminaire has an integrated occupancy and ambient light sensor, plus an enModus Node to control the DALI driver.

Nodes communicate using enModus’ powerline communications (PLC) technology across the existing powerlines to a Smart Hub. The Hub connects to the Cloud Platform to collect data and control lighting.

Capital Cost: £260,000

Carbon Savings: 703tCO2e per annum

Cost Energy Savings: £168,000 per annum

Project Payback: 16 months

The CRT Smart Connected Lighting solution helped us achieve considerable energy savings and reduced carbon emissions. This is just a start; Utilising the lighting circuit and building-wide communications network we are monitoring energy consumption across 28 Machining Centres within our machine shop. CRT continue to consult with us to improve the lighting schemes and energy efficiency. We have been so impressed with the results we are installing Smart Connected Lighting solutions in the warehouse and office buildings.

Paul Hudson, Operations Director, Volvo Construction, Motherwell



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