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Allied Lighting Limited

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Allied Lighting Limited

About the company

Allied is a forward thinking lighting company pioneering the use of LED lighting in commercial, public and residential sectors. We offer a wide range of luminaires that are manufactured to our own demanding specifications and high standards. We also have in house lighting engineers that can help with specification and advice on all sized projects.

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Great Places Housing Group: Before and after Allied LED lighting replacement


Case study: Great Places

Great Places provide over 15,000 high-quality homes in 30 council areas across the country, replaced energy inefficient lights in its Didsbury office with Allied LED products.


The first and second floor offices in Great Places’ Didsbury premises were previously fitted with a range of traditional CAT2 fluorescent light fittings and 50w halogen lamps. The total energy expenditure was 24.99kw per hour.

Assuming regular office hours (12 hours a day, five days a week), the old lighting cost Great Places £7768.80 every year!


The old fixtures were replaced by a number of new LED light fittings, primarily from Allied’s popular Lucid range. The total energy expenditure for the two floors after the lighting installation was just 7.8kw per hour. Over the course of a year, the new LED lighting will cost Great Places just £2402.40.

The results!

The new LED lighting solution in the Great Places Didsbury office has provided the staff there with increased lighting levels and a pleasant, neutral tone of light. The lights no longer flicker or buzz, reducing the risk of unpleasant side effects from working in poor quality light, such as headaches, migraines and eye strain.

Great Places is saving 17.2kw on their lighting alone in just one hour, averaging out at a cost saving of £1.72 every hour that the lights are on. Assuming regular office hours, the total saving over the course of just one year would be £5,366.40!

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