Heat Pump Ready

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Heat Pump Ready is an up to £60 million innovation programme funded by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero as part of their Net Zero Innovation Portfolio (NZIP) looking to accelerate the domestic uptake of heat pumps in the UK. 

It supports 35 innovative projects aiming to:

  • Reduce the lifetime cost of heat pumps
  • Improve the consumer experience
  • Strengthen partnerships within the sector 
  • Develop approaches to engage with homeowners and other key players
  • Stimulate solutions to mitigate the impact of domestic heat pumps on the electricity network
  • Inform future heat pump policy and regulation 

Innovating to scale

The carbon emissions produced by heating domestic homes are equivalent to all the diesel and petrol cars in the UK. Therefore, we need to decarbonise nearly all heat in buildings to meet Net Zero by 2050.
To ensure that we remain on a credible path to Net Zero, the UK Government has set a target for 600,000 installations per year by 2028. Heat Pump Ready is designed to support the market to reach this target through:

  • Installing heat pumps at scale in selected local areas, over a short period of time.
  • Developing new tools, technologies, and business models to:
    • Reduce the lifetime costs of heat pumps
    • Minimise home disruption
    • Create new business models to finance heat pump installations and maintenance
    • Improve the customer journey
    • Develop a smart and flexible home energy system
  • Fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the dissemination of learnings across the supported projects, the wider heat pump market, and associated sectors. 

The Carbon Trust manages research, collaboration, and knowledge sharing with support from IPSOS and Technopolis. 

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