Supporting a rapid, just and equitable transition away from coal

This report provides frameworks and guidance to support a structured planning approach for a just coal-to-clean energy transition.   

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As countries seek to end their dependence on coal, they will face complex trade-offs. The transition will affect workers, communities, the environment, and economies. Policymakers and key energy sector stakeholders, including asset owners, must accelerate the move away from coal while protecting the people who depend on it. This report seeks to support key decision-makers in their planning stage. It outlines a Just Transition Planning Framework and Prioritisation Framework for repurposing or retiring coal-fired power plants. Together, they provide a valuable foundation to inform roadmaps, policies and financial instruments needed to drive a just coal-to-clean energy transition.

Odisha, a state in India, is used as a practical example to demonstrate how these frameworks can help inform just transition planning and accelerate the move towards greater renewables.

Key findings

  • Policymakers should plan for a transition to a low carbon economy from the outset before pursuing asset-level transitions.
  • Just transition interventions should be developed at all levels. This includes top-down measures involving financing and governance structures, worker support, and initiatives to protect communities.
  • A wide range of regional and plant-level considerations must be factored in when assessing the suitability of coal-fired power plants for retirement or repurposing. This includes energy security, financial viability, and environmental and socioeconomic impact.
  • For a just energy transition to be viewed as a credible way forward, it must be designed with the local context in mind. The two frameworks feature a level of flexibility that allows users to manage regional priorities appropriately.

This report is not a definitive roadmap for coal phase-out. Further engagement with key stakeholders will be necessary to build a more comprehensive picture of the feasibility of a region’s transition away from coal.


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