Service Operation Vessel (SOV) Technical specification tender template

A publicly available SOV technical specification tender template for use by prospective vessel charterers and operators within the offshore wind sector.

Offshore wind turbines and vessel


The challenge:  As offshore wind farms increase in both capacity and distance from shore, operations, and maintenance (O&M) strategies are seeing a shift from port-based Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs) to field-based Service Operation Vessels (SOVs).

For CTV operations the tender process (and thus required technical documentation) is relatively standardised, however the SOV process is less standardised and arguably more complex. Requests for multiple versions of the same information by vessel charterers, and information supplied in varying formats by information providers (such as vessel owners, operators, and charter brokers) leads to inefficiencies that result in excess time and expense.

The solution:  The Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) partners, as vessel charterers, commissioned a project with the aim of lowering the cost of the SOV chartering process by standardising the required technical tender documentation. The project reviewed the present state of SOV technical documentation and produced a standard template that can be used to support future SOV chartering processes, the SOV technical specification tender template.

Publication date: April 2022

The development of this document was advised by wide stakeholder engagement including the OWA partners, vessel brokers, operators, and equipment suppliers, as well as factoring in the technical properties of an SOV relevant to offshore wind farm maintenance activities.

Developing this standardised documentation will provide efficiencies for both vessel charterers and information providers, as information providers will only need to collate the required information for a specific vessel once, and vessel charters will receive the required information in a standardised format. 

This SOV technical specification tender template is provided in Excel format with the required information detailed in five technical sections: 

  1. Cover Sheet 
  2. General Information 
  3. Facilities 
  4. Performance 
  5. DP, Gangway and Crane 
  6. Daughtercraft

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