Roadmap for commercial acceptance of Floating LiDAR

The Offshore Wind Accelerator has published a roadmap for the commercial acceptance of floating LiDAR for wind resource measurement.

Wind Energy

Published October 2018

Floating light detection and ranging (LiDAR) has the potential to replace meteorological (met) masts for the measurement of primary wind resource data as they are both cheaper and offer flexibility in siting. Traditional met masts can cost around £10-£12m, while a floating LiDAR system costs are roughly £1-£2m.

The purpose of this document is to present a roadmap for floating LiDARs to become commercially accepted as a source of data to support financial investment decisions. The roadmap was originally published in 2013 and was then updated in 2018 to reflect industry experience and to ensure the roadmap continues to be fit for purpose.

Alongside the roadmap is a guidance note which provides supplementary information on how the roadmap should be interpreted, to avoid ambiguities and to encourage greater industry consensus in the use and application of the roadmap

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