Personal carbon allowances white paper

How to help consumers make informed choices - exploring the concept of Personal Carbon Allowances.

The White Paper explores the concept of Personal Carbon Allowances - investigating how it could work in practice, reviewing what a personal carbon allowance would include, and looking at how big a personal carbon allowance should be. It includes learning's and feedback from a four-week consumer trial in Great Britain which set a personal carbon allowance of 20Kg CO2 per day.

The qualitative findings of the study are fascinating. Consumers did act to reduce food waste and energy bills, but other areas, such as holidays and meat consumption, proved harder to address. There was genuine engagement and enthusiasm from the consumers who were involved.


The White Paper also explores the increasingly important role that business and brands have to play in driving awareness of sustainability and investigates whether personal carbon allowances could help consumers to understand how the carbon footprint of specific products and services relate to a total daily allowance. Providing easy-to-understand environmental information in a credible and relevant way is a significant challenge, but also an exciting opportunity.

The White Paper has been developed by The Carbon Trust, The Coca-Cola Company and Coca-Cola Enterprises.

Carbon Trust and Coca Cola welcome your thoughts and wish to encourage debate on this important area.  Please email your views to

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