Leadership on sustainable cooling

These reports outline UK and France efforts on clean cooling and highlight opportunities for action.

UK leadership on sustainable cooling


Cooling is critical for health, prosperity, and the environment. From keeping vaccines and food fresh to ensuring comfortable home and work environments. It is also essential to adapt to warmer temperatures, which is difficult as most cooling is highly polluting due to the refrigerants used and the emissions from electricity generated to power cooling equipment.

Sustainable cooling for all underpins many Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including SDG 7 on achieving sustainable energy for all by 2030, and SDG 13 on climate action. Today over 1.1 billion people are at significant risk from a lack of access to cooling and continued warming and demographic changes are likely to see these risks grow.

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France Leadership on Efficient, Climate-Friendly Cooling (Oct 2021)

UK Leadership on Sustainable Cooling (July 2020)

About the reports

These reports outline the benefits of sustainable, clean cooling, and highlight projects undertaken by government and business at home and abroad to foster cooling solutions. 

The reports were authored by the Carbon Trust, the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program and the UN Environment Programme on behalf of the UN Cool Coalition and UK/France government. They also available on the UN Cool Coalition’s website

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