How to report your climate exposure and action with confidence and credibility

Guidance for businesses on navigating the climate reporting landscape and how to meet the disclosure requirements of investors, regulators and wider society. 

NZIU report guidebook


The Net Zero Intelligence Unit has partnered with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development to author guidance on climate disclosures for businesses, including advice on the latest developments in the fast-moving disclosure landscape, such as the new regulations and standards at the international and EU level. 

The guidance is Chapter 5 of the Climate Drive's Net Zero Guidebook. The Climate Drive is a WBCSD-led collaborative platform to increase accessibility to trusted and actionable decarbonization resources for businesses to accelerate climate action in line with the latest best practices. The Carbon Trust's Net Zero Intelligence Unit is proud to be a knowledge partner to The Climate Drive. 

The chapter provides guidance on why climate reporting is important, how to identify your company’s climate reporting requirements, and how to prepare the information required for compliant and useful climate reporting. 


You can read the Chapter on the Climate Drive website

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