Heat pump retrofit in London

This report provides guidance on the challenges and opportunities of retrofitting heat pumps in to existing buildings in London. It also contains an action plan for scaling up energy efficiency measures and heat pump retrofit.

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Decarbonising heat is London’s biggest challenge to achieving net zero emissions. Natural gas, used mainly for heating buildings and water, accounts for 37% of all greenhouse gas emissions in London. To achieve the Mayor’s net zero target by 2030, London will need to make a rapid transition from gas to low carbon heat solutions, the majority of which will be retrofitted into existing buildings.

Heat pump systems have the potential to deliver immediate carbon emission savings. However, heat pumps are not a like-for-like replacement for gas boilers and good practice system design will be essential to their effective deployment. 

Publication date: Aug 2020

About the report

This report, commissioned by the Mayor of London, provides guidance to the Greater London Authority (GLA), London Boroughs, social housing providers and others who may be considering heat pump retrofit in their housing stock. It highlights the importance of energy efficiency, flexible use of heat and good practice system design to delivering successful heat pump retrofit at both the building and energy system levels.

The report assesses the particular challenges and opportunities for heat pump retrofit in London. It also outlines a plan of necessary actions for achieving heat pump retrofit at scale (this is primarily focussed on central government policy and activity but also contains recommendations for the GLA, London Boroughs and others).  

The accompanying document ‘Options appraisals for heat pump retrofit in 15 London buildings’ contains detailed analysis of the potential to retrofit heat pumps across 15 example buildings in London. 

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