Guidelines for scanning LiDARs for power curve testing

The OWA publishes best practice guidelines for wind measurement using transition piece based scanning LiDAR for the purpose of power curve testing.

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Wind turbine power curve verification (PCV) is a crucial measurement task in wind energy since it provides the means for performance monitoring and the basis of energy production guarantees. Offshore, nacelle lidars quickly replaced the traditional (and financially inviable, in this environment) meteorological masts for this purpose. As turbine rotor sizes increases, the need to measure the wind further away from the turbine in PCV (to reduce the blockage effect) increases as well, rapidly approaching the measurement distance range of state-of-the-art nacelle lidars.

For this reason long-range scanning lidars, due to their greater measurement range and versatility, can be considered a suitable alternative to nacelle lidars for PCV. One disadvantage, in comparison to nacelle lidars, is that they lack tailor-made standards or guidelines. This project has aimed to begin to address these shortfalls through the production of a best practice guideline document that highlights the items that need to be modified or completed for the use of transition-piece scanning lidars for wind measurement.

Published Jan 2023

About the report

This report has been produced by DTU on behalf of the OWA programme. This best practice focuses on wind measurements only. Power measurements and other measurements required for PCV are not described here. For consistency and to the extent possible, this report has a similar structure and uses similar terminology as other measurement standards, in particular the standard published for the use of nacelle lidars IEC 61400-50-3:2022.

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