Floating Wind Joint Industry Programme: Phase IV summary report

The Phase IV Summary Report summarises the research undertaken by the Floating Wind JIP to address some of the technical challenges of moving from fixed-bottom to floating offshore turbines.

Phase 4 summary report cover


The floating wind industry has seen a vast increase in activity over the past year. The market is quickly moving from demonstration phase to commercialisation phase, with floating specific targets being set and floating specific tenders being planned and executed globally.

However, the industry still has limited operational data due to the relative infancy of floating wind. Improving the industry’s understanding of the technical challenges specific to floating wind technology will be key to reach global offshore wind targets. 

Publication date: July 2022

Key findings

The report provides an in-depth summary of the following projects:

  • Floating wind access and availability: looking at how different access methods and floating platform types affect turbine availability. 
  • Wind turbine generators for floating wind: understanding the differences in wind turbine generator load/motion envelope and the design requirements for optimising turbines. 
  • Numerical modelling guidelines and standards: providing guidance for selecting and using numerical modelling tools for floating turbine design and detailing recommended load cases to reduce simulation efforts.
  • Floating wind yield: understanding , quantifying and bounding the impact of floater motions on wake effects and energy yield. Through key stakeholder engagement, a number of recommended practices for developers, foundation suppliers, turbine OEMs and tool venders were established.

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