Deployments of floating LiDAR systems

The Offshore Wind Accelerator (OWA) has published a repository of floating LiDAR deployments to date.

Deployments of floating lidar systems report cover


Floating LiDAR technology has been identified as a potential replacement for conventional meteorological masts, which have been the main technology used for wind resource assessments of proposed offshore wind farms to date. A floating LiDAR system (FLS) offers significant benefits when compared to an offshore meteorological mast, including cost reduction and the flexibility of being redeployed at different locations. 

Publication date: July 2018

About this report

This document, published in 2018, is a repository of floating LiDAR deployments intended to give clarity to the market on which systems had been deployed and where. It also highlights the growing confidence in the technology. Included are trials completed through the OWA, other trials and commercial deployments. 

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