Climate change: A business revolution?

How tackling climate change could create or destroy company value.

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Publication date: September 2008
Information in this report was correct at the time of publication


Publication date: 22/09/2008

This study was designed to test the hypothesis that a move to a low carbon economy could be revolutionary for a number of mainstream industry sectors and therefore should be carefully managed.

We investigated the impact of a transition to a low carbon economy on six industry sectors: Aluminium, Automotive, Beer, Building insulation, Consumer electronics and Oil & Gas. These sectors each have high value to institutional investors, the potential for significant change resulting from the move to a low carbon economy and are otherwise different in terms of their exposure to different climate change-related drivers, reflecting different parts of the wider economy.

We set out to quantify the level of opportunity and risk available to companies in different sectors depending on their situation and level of preparedness. We also wanted to understand why investors in many mainstream sectors are not yet significantly concerned by the implications of a move to a low carbon economy.


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