Brazil: The $200 billion low carbon opportunity

Areas of opportunity for UK companies to participate in Brazil's low carbon development.

Rio De Janeiro

Publication date: 16/10/2012

This report highlights specific areas of opportunity where UK companies can participate in Brazil's growing economy in ways that facilitate low carbon development.

Brazil's green growth agenda affords UK companies with significant commercial opportunities for their low carbon products and services. Brazilian markets are of particular interest to UK businesses because they are both large and growing. Brazil surpassed the United Kingdom as the world‟s sixth largest economy in 2011, and has averaged 3.7% annual growth since 2000, compared to the UK's 1.7% average rate. Steady development and industrialisation are driving growth in all sectors, and have made Brazil an uncontested regional powerhouse and a major international player.

By studying the Brazilian context and matching low carbon opportunities with areas of strong UK competitive advantage, we identified six subsectors in which there is especially significant commercial opportunity for UK business: solid waste, water and wastewater, airports and aerospace, automotive, ethanol and biomass, buildings and sports infrastructure.

Brazil has been designated as one of UKTI (UK Trade & Investment)'s High Growth Markets because of its broad and sophisticated industrial base and its vibrant economy that is opening up to trade and foreign investment. UK businesses command a world-leading position for low carbon technologies and services, and the two countries' strengthening trade relationship is set to enhance bilateral commerce in the emerging green marketplace.

With a cadre of innovative companies eager to take advantage of the growing commercial relationship, the Brazilian frontier is ripe for commercial investment in the near term, and UK companies are well-placed to participate.

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