A roadmap for the decarbonisation of the European recreational marine craft sector

This report lays out the challenges and opportunities for the recreational marine craft sector to decarbonise in order to meet growing consumer demands on sustainability and national climate targets.

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The recreational craft sector is an important contributor to the UK’s economy representing around £2.7 billion in revenue. While the exact total of greenhouse gas emissions from this sector is unknown, emissions from recreational crafts need to be reduced to mitigate impacts on local coastal and inland waterway ecosystems.

This report provides a clear roadmap for policymakers and industry leaders to steer the recreational craft sector towards decarbonisation, following a full lifecycle assessment perspective, in six key European markets: UK, France, Netherlands, Greece, Cyprus and Malta. 

Sponsored by: UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office with support from the UK Department for Transport.

Publication date: June 2021

About the report

The report provides an in-depth analysis of decarbonisation technologies for vessels with a hull length between 2.5m to 24m. It complements this analysis with market, policy and industry data to provide roadmap for industry and policymakers in six key European markets.

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