A new approach to commercialising low carbon technologies

Read our report on the importance of encouraging innovation in low-carbon technologies and how the UK can take advantage of this growing market.

Publication date: July 2009
Information in this report was correct at the time of publication


Publication date: July 2009

This study examines why the UK should actively innovate low carbon technologies (LCTs), how the UK innovation system currently works and how it needs to evolve to meet new challenges.

Low carbon technology Innovation

Now is the right time for the UK to accelerate the move towards an innovation policy which is 'technology focussed', based upon customised, technology specific support for carefully prioritised LCTs. We believe this is the most cost effective way to meet climate change related targets and generate economic benefit for the UK.

Our findings are based largely on the results of an in-depth economic, engineering and commercial analysis of a sample of six low carbon technologies, a review of low carbon technology innovation systems in the UK and internationally and a high-level review of industrial policy.


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