ORJIP Offshore Wind

Reducing the consenting risk for offshore wind farm developments to better inform consenting authorities on the true environmental risk of offshore wind.

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ORJIP Stage 1

The Offshore Renewables Joint Industry Programme (ORJIP) Offshore Wind is a collaborative programme that aims to:

  • Fund research to improve our understanding of the effects of offshore wind on the marine environment
  • Reduce the risk of not getting or delaying consent for offshore wind developments
  • Reduce the risk of getting consent with conditions that reduce viability of the project

The programme pools resources from private and public sector bodies to fund projects that better inform consenting authorities on the true environmental risk of offshore wind.

The Carbon Trust has managed ORJIP Offshore Wind since its inception in 2012.

ORJIP Stage 2

ORJIP Offshore Wind Stage 2, launched in July 2019, building on the learnings gained through Stage 1. The programme will run to 2023 during which time it will provide a framework to identify, develop, initiate and conduct strategic research and development projects.

Programme structure

ORJIP Offshore Wind is a joint industry project open to public and private stakeholders who share a strategic interest in the growth of offshore wind capacity and will commit resource and funding to help advance programme objectives. Requests to join ORJIP Offshore Wind can be made at any time and are subject to review by the ORJIP Offshore Wind Steering Group.

The programme makes use of the substantial level of knowledge and expertise within the offshore wind sector and beyond, through participation in the following:

  • Advisory Network – the network comprises organisations involved in the consenting of offshore wind farms. It provides strategic advice to the ORJIP Offshore Wind Steering Group in identifying and selecting research projects to be taken forward.
  • Project Expert Panel - the panel supports each ORJIP Offshore Wind Programme project from selection through to completion. It includes leading experts from key stakeholders such as Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies, academics, non-governmental organisations and other relevant stakeholders.

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