LG Electronics - product footprinting

LG Electronics - product footprinting

One of South Korea’s largest businesses, LG Electronics produces electronic equipment all around the world, with 118 subsidiaries and approximately 75,000 employees. As a leading manufacturer that seeks to demonstrate best practice in corporate responsibility, LG has committed to minimise the environmental impact of its products across their full life cycle and stimulate the purchase of greener products by consumers.

LG electronics headquarters

To demonstrate the environmental credentials of its products, LG partnered with the Carbon Trust to obtain independent assurance of the full life cycle greenhouse gas and water use impacts for some of the company’s major product lines. LG also chose to use the Carbon Trust’s footprint label to communicate these results to its customers.

The Carbon Trust has worked with LG over a number of years to certify the carbon footprint of multiple product models, including air purifiers, water purifiers, steam closets, vacuum cleaners, and dishwashers. LG also became the first company in the world to receive product water footprint certification from the Carbon Trust, for one of its water purifier models.

Working with the Carbon Trust gives us independent, internationally-recognised assurance to demonstrate the environmental advantage of our products, and using the Carbon Trust’s label helps us to educate our consumers and encourage them to make greener purchases. Going through the footprinting process also provides us with deeper insight into our product life cycle impacts, which gives us critical information we can use as we find ways to become a more sustainable business.

Youngsoo, Kim executive director, Appliance laboratory, LG Electronics