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Scottish Government - Policy & regulatory appraisal

Understanding the opportunity in floating wind technology to accelerate cost reduction and the commercial deployment of offshore wind

Burbo offshore windfarm


The Carbon Trust has been instrumental in helping to commercialise the deployment of offshore wind energy over a number of years, working closely with the UK and Scottish governments and nine major developers with the Offshore Wind Accelerator. However, accessing wind resource further from shore and in deeper water comes with greater technical challenges, which can constrain efforts to reduce costs. We were therefore asked by the Scottish Government to help them better understand the opportunity in floating wind technology.

below £120/MWh
Levelised cost of offshore wind energy - since 2009 the Offshore Wind Accelerator has helped reduce this from around £150/MWh


We produced the most comprehensive review of floating wind technologies to date, conducting a quantitative analysis of 18 concepts currently on the market.

We then used this analysis to understand the key technology trends, cost drivers and barriers to commercialisation.

Potential cost of leading floating wind concepts in large scale commercial deployments by the 2020s

Our research found that floating wind has the potential to be competitive with fixed-bottom projects by the 2020s if it reaches commercial scale deployment.

Getting the technology right will develop skills and technologies in Scotland with significant export potential in countries with similar coastal deep water conditions, such as Japan, the USA, and several European markets.

See the full report: Floating Wind Joint Industry Project Policy & Regulatory Appraisal 

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