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P&A Fencing - energy efficiency loan

An interest-free loan helped P&A Group of Companies, based in Mold, North Wales, install a new biomass heating system to improve conditions for employees 

P&A Fencing (Woodchip)

P&A Group of Companies is based in Mold, North Wales, and has been operating locally in the timber industry for 50 years manufacturing wooden pallets and decorative garden products.  P&A wanted to install a new central heating system to improve conditions for employees based in offices and warehouses across the site. These were previously heated inefficiently or in some areas not at all, which had led to complaints about the working temperature in colder months.

As a timber business, the company generates a lot of process waste.  As a result of this, management realised that it might be possible to make use of that wood for heating. This meant that installing a biomass boiler became an attractive option, as the company could turn what was previously a waste product into a valuable heat source.

The business decided to install four biomass boilers, two in warehouse sites, one at their production facility and one at their Garden Centre, also laying a thermal pipe under the road to heat nearby offices. The new heating system was financed thanks to an interest-free loan from the Carbon Trust, which is projected to save the business over £20,000 a year.

P&A Fencing - biomass heating

We had heard about Carbon Trust loans through a training day organised for businesses by the Welsh Government. As a business we always try to do the right thing when it comes to looking after our employees, our customers and the environment. For example, we now clear wood waste from all our customers’ premises, bring it back to Mold and shred it down into biomass fuel which is used in four boilers across the site.  So when we realised that we could get financial support to make our staff more comfortable, keep our customers happy, save money on heating bills and cut carbon emissions at the same time, it was a really easy decision.

The new heating system has really transformed the attitude of all our workers, especially the ones in the production areas that could get very chilly in the winter months. And it means that we can put good use to some of the process waste wood from our core business.


Rhys Hughes, Director, P&A Fencing and Sheds


Carbon Trust energy efficiency loans of up to £200,000 are available to small and medium-sized businesses in Wales wanting to reduce their costs and carbon footprint by installing more energy efficient equipment and renewable technologies.

Businesses must have fewer than 250 employees to qualify and the size of loan offered is based on the anticipated carbon emissions savings of a project, which will be assessed by the Carbon Trust. A range of industrial process and building-based projects will be considered, such as energy efficient lighting, heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and biomass boilers.

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