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npower - Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon

Having saved over £740,000 in energy costs, npower successfully recertified to the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon

npower’s commitment to carbon reduction is integral to their corporate strategy and they have set a target of a 38% reduction in carbon intensity at UK sites by 2014. To meet this goal the business initiated a plan to measure, monitor and reduce energy use across its portfolio of buildings.

Business challenge

As a leading energy supplier covering the UK, npower has buildings spread across the country which are of different ages and specification. Each has different requirements in terms of energy consumption and building maintenance, presenting many individual challenges.

To address these challenges npower set about gathering accurate, up-to-date consumption information that could be accessed and analysed. They were able to do this using tried and tested approaches and products they offer to their business customers.

Actions taken

Using their measure, monitor, minimise framework npower were able to manage many projects. Firstly, they were able to accurately measure their energy consumption by installing Automatic Metering (AMR) across their estate. Secondly, they began to monitor energy consumption by using their encompass monitoring and targeting software to identify potential energy waste and where carbon emissions can be reduced. And finally npower used the data and insight from the previous stages, to identify ways to make savings, for example installing solar PV panels.

To get the best price for the energy consumed, npower used Direct Budget Management, a tool that enables organisations to take control of their energy purchasing.  Working with an in-house business unit npower were able to make a 10% saving on a fixed contract arrangement.

Achieving the standard

These and other actions such as building refurbishment resulted in npower achieving a 16% reduction in energy use in 2012 and the award of the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon in early 2013. By putting the sustainability of its building fabric, npower sets an example to businesses of how to use energy efficiently.

Following successful recertification to the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon in January 2013 npower created a video to explain how it managed to achieve this and save £740,000 in energy costs. View the video below:

I’m delighted npower has been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard, which is a great endorsement that we’re well on target with our ongoing energy efficiency goals. The certification demonstrates that big energy efficiencies can be made when you have the right tools for the job. The carbon reductions we’ve made can be achieved by other businesses on their own sustainability journeys. Using tools that we’ve developed ourselves like encompass and Direct Budget Management, we’ve been able to identify numerous opportunities to save and manage energy consumption and costs, which can be easily replicated by other companies.

Paul Massara, Chief Executive Officer, npower

Thomas McDonnell, Environmental and Transport Coordinator for npower, speaks about how npower have now achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for Waste with the support of their employees, and the importance of the Standard for their customers and their business.

Read more on how npower achieved the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon (PDF)

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