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Morrisons - Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon

Morrisons was one of the pathfinders for the Carbon Trust Standard in 2008, helping to pilot the methodology and becoming the first supermarket to achieve certification.


Morrisons was one of the pathfinders for the Carbon Trust Standard in 2008, helping to pilot the methodology as it was being developed and becoming the first supermarket to achieve certification.  Over the past decade this has been used as an independent benchmark of continuous progress, showing how the company has exceeded its long term 2020 target of reducing operational emissions by 30% from a 2005 baseline. By the end of the 2017/2018 financial year the company had successfully achieved reductions of 34%.


As a business with a vertically integrated supply chain, Morrisons has had to take action across a range of operational facilities, including farms, manufacturing sites, abattoirs, distribution centres and almost 500 supermarkets. Emissions reductions have been achieved through a number of initiatives, which include investments into cleaner technologies such as upgrading to LED lighting and more efficient refrigeration, as well as engaging the company’s over 110,000 employees in more sustainable behaviours.


Morrisons has invested in renewable energy generation, at the same time as strengthening approaches to monitoring and managing energy consumption through metering and targeting. The business also drove better utilisation and efficiency across its fleet, improving logistics in order to reduce transport emissions through the initiatives such as using double deck and extended length trailers, as well as vehicle telematics to improve driver performance.

Because Morrisons achieved its 2020 targets two years early, this year the company will be looking into setting itself a stretching new target for operational emissions reductions and is considering aligning this with the Paris Agreement using a science-based approach.

Back in 2008 we were proud to be one the first companies to be able to achieve the Carbon Trust Standard. Over the past decade this has given us a framework for continuous improvement, playing a role in our efforts to exceed our targets on carbon emissions. So we are even prouder to be able to say that we have retained the Carbon Trust Standard for ten years thanks to the reductions we have made, and remain one of the longest-serving amongst a large group of organisations all taking action on climate change.

Steve Butt, Head of Corporate Services, Morrisons

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