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Kingsmill - Carbon Reduction Label

Achieving the Carbon Reduction Label confirms Kingsmill's carbon-cutting credentials and communicates their carbon reduction to millions of shoppers nationwide.


Today, many UK shoppers expect the brands they choose to be accountable for their impact on the environment.  In a recent survey by the Carbon Trust 56% of people said they would be more loyal to a brand taking steps to reduce the brand's carbon footprint.  This is one reason why sustainability is a core strand of Allied Bakeries' corporate agenda.  

Kingsmill's three top-selling loaves - Soft White, Tasty Wholemeal and 50/50 - account for the lion's share of Kingsmill's production volumes,  so by cutting the carbon footprint of these products it would be possible to substantially reduce the environmental impact of its entire operation, as well as boosting brand equity and possibly sales as a result. 

Kingsmill opted to drill down into the nitty-gritty of each product's lifecycle - from field to plate, consumption to waste disposal. This would then help them to identify how to cut the carbon footprint of these products, and highlight possible energy and operational cost savings.

Kingsmill was the first bakery brand to secure certification from the Carbon Trust. Now we’ve built on these achievements and have sliced an additional 13% of CO2 emissions from the carbon footprint of our three best-selling loaves and obtained recertification. Being able to display the Carbon Reduction Label on pack confirms our carbon-cutting credentials and gives people a value-added reason to buy Kingsmill loaves as opposed to a competing product.

Lydia Freeman, Brand Manager, Kingsmill


Actions Taken

Measuring and certification of product lifecycles

With access to the Carbon Trust's expert knowledge and resources, Kingsmill was able to measure the emissions produced at every stage of the product lifecycle - from crop cultivation in the field, through to its bakery outlet operations, packaging processes, delivery by our truck drivers, right down to how loaves are consumed and waste disposed of.  This approach confirmed, for example, that each medium sliced loaf of Soft White produced and consumed, generates 1.0kg of carbon emissions and a medium-sliced loaf of Tasty Wholemeal generates 950g. 

Energy reduction programmes in bakeries

Kingsmill's bakeries were found to have high levels of energy consumption.  Every outlet now has a robust energy reduction programme in place.  This includes replacing older ovens and other equipment with new, more efficient models and embedding this into its corporate purchasing protocol. 

Lower emission delivery vehicles

New lower emissions delivery vehicles are being introduced with a streamlined body, to optimise aerodynamic efficiency, and other energy-saving features such as automatic engine cut-off at idling times.  We are also constantly reviewing our routes and have implemented route tracking mechanisms. All our drivers now attend safe and fuel efficient (SAFED) training driving schemes.

Impacts and benefits

Lower energy and operational costs

By establishing the energy consumed at every stage of the product lifecycle, Kingsmill has been able to introduce energy-saving initiatives which don't simply cut carbon, they also cut our operational costs. Kingsmill has cut carbon emissions for each of its three best-selling loaves by 13% since first securing Carbon Trust certification in 2009.  Now Kingsmill is focusing effort on cutting the carbon dioxide and equivalent (CO2e) emissions created by production of raw materials, in-home consumer use and processing.

Waste reduction

Kingsmill is working to reduce any waste associated with these products by implementing a zero 'waste to landfill' programme across all bakery sites.  This involves not just slicing the amount of waste produced by our premises but increasing use of recycling methods. " 

Making products stand out against the competition

With UK consumers increasingly choosing brands that can demonstrate their environmental credentials, by being able to use the Carbon Reduction Label gives them a compelling, value-added reason to buy Kingsmill loaves rather than those of our competitors.

Confirming carbon-cutting credentials to supermarket chains

The Carbon Reduction Label also confirms Kingsmill's carbon-cutting credentials with the nation's big five supermarket chains, all of whom are pursuing their own sustainability strategies and increasingly selecting suppliers on the basis of their environmental performance and reputation. 


We use the Carbon Reduction Label on product packs to communicate the reduction to millions of shoppers nationwide - in stores including Tesco, Sainsbury's and ASDA. Many customers are environmentally aware and the instantly recognisable label communicates the product's carbon credentials to them. It demonstrates Kingsmill is an environmentally responsible brand and certification can help boost the distribution and sales of our products.

Lydia Freeman, Brand Manager, Kingsmill

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