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King's College London - Carbon management

Our comprehensive carbon management plan, incorporating sustainability strategies and renewable-energy projects, have saved the university college £4.4million. 

King's College London

One of the first institutions to sign up to our Higher Education Carbon Management service, King's College London has progressed from small-scale action to challenging refurbishment and renewable energy projects.

Seeing the results

As a result, the College cut its CO2 emissions by over 3,000 tonnes within the first year of implementing its Carbon Management programme and now factors energy efficiency into every estate management decision.

With the full implementation of its Carbon Management plan, King's stands to generate cumulative savings of £4.4 million. These savings helped it win a Green Gown award and support its aim of working towards achieving BSI EN16001.

Energy management and building refurbishment

Salix funding has assisted the College implement the broad range of actions. These have included increasing control of its buildings' energy consumption, principally through new controls on lighting and temperature. And, with the confidence gained from successful collaboration with the Carbon Trust, it has taken an adventurous approach to projects, which have encompassed Grade I listed buildings and research laboratories and made use of bespoke building energy management systems, chilled beams, ground source heat pumps and solar power.

At a glance

  • Total potential financial savings: £4.4 million
  • CO2 emissions cut in the first year: 3,000+ tonnes


Download King's College case study (PDF)

Working with the Carbon Trust was integral to the success of our activity. They gave us the numbers that informed our strategy and then the guidance to help put it into place. Without that we would probably still be stumbling on.

Keith McIntyre, Energy and Environment Manager, King’s College London

Keith McIntyre, Energy and Environment Manager, King's College London, talks about the cost savings achieved with the help of the Carbon Trust and how we provided the tools to allow them to plan well into the future.

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