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Highfield Hall Hotel - 0% business loan

0% business loan enables Highfield Hall Hotel, a Grade II listed building in Northrop, North Wales, to upgrade to a new biomass boiler

Business Focus

When Mr & Mrs Earl purchased the property in 2012, the heating and hot water for the property were provided by a combination of heating oil, LPG, and electricity. Due to the age of the equipment and the running costs, they struggled to heat the hotel, and could not justify opening all year round. As the venue was renowned for offering bespoke wedding and other celebration parties, it was not operating to maximum effect. They looked at converting to Biomass, and their Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier offered a solution to utilise the existing boiler room.

Highfield Hall Hotel

Technical Approach

The project at Highfield Hall Hotel involved cutting through a paved area to gain access to an existing vent, without affecting the building, and clearing space in the existing boiler room for a new ETA 140kW biomass boiler and buffer storage tanks. This enabled the business to use the existing boiler room and removed the issue of planning consent for the Grade II listed building. Investing in the new biomass boiler, and being able to heat the venue throughout the year, contributed to increasing bookings from 11 weddings the year before installation to 80 three years on.

This has been a very beneficial project. We have a warm hotel, comfortable guests and staff, and a reliable heating system. Once the loan is repaid, the fuel cost savings and Renewable Heat Incentive income can be ploughed back into the business as it grows, allowing us to employ an additional member of staff.

Lorraine Earl, Highfield Hall Hotel Ltd

Interest-free Loan Scheme

Interest free loans are available to small and medium-sized businesses in Wales wanting to reduce their carbon footprint by installing more efficient equipment and technologies. Businesses must have fewer than 250 employees to qualify and the size of the loan offered is based on the evaluated CO2 savings of a project, which will be assessed by the Carbon Trust. A range of industrial process and building based projects will be considered, such as energy efficient lighting, heating and pipe insulation.


Read more: Highfield Hall Hotel Case Study (PDF)


Eligibility and availability of loans are subject to Terms and Conditions. For more details please see interest-free energy efficiency loans.

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