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Cohesive Communications - 0% business loan

Cohesive helps technology companies captivate their markets, through engaging marketing and public relations, digitally and offline. To transform their own pace, Cohesive planned for new heating and lighting, with the help of a Carbon Trust 0% APR Business Loan.

Improving lighting efficiency at Cohesive Communications

Technical approach

Cohesive have operated out of an old, yet characterful building in the centre of Chepstow, Monmouthshire, for a number of years. In an effort to bring out the best in their space and inspire their people, a plan for refurbishment began to take form. Cohesive took this opportunity to plan for new heating and lighting to reduce their energy costs, cut carbon emissions and ultimately, keep their office warm and safe.

Their heating system comprised of ancient electric storage heaters, which used an overnight tariff. They had no control over the heat emitted during daylight hours, so the office was either too hot or too cold. They were either opening windows to let out heat they didn’t need, or running small convector heaters to top up heat they didn’t have. The system was inefficient, and resulted in a stuffy atmosphere, occupying lots of wall space.

The building infrastructure and terms of their lease limited their available options. However, after some pretty extensive research, they opted for infrared electric heating, with full control. A Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier assessed the current energy usage of the existing heating system, and reported the anticipated energy usage of the new infrared system, identifying a potential reduction from 31 275 kWh consumed per year to a predicted 14 625 kWh. The Cohesive Team not only enjoyed the reduced costs, but the instantaneous nature of their infrared system, heating the surfaces in line-of-sight without resulting in a stuffy atmosphere. Further to this, the equipment is compact, controlled from wireless thermostats that have 7/24 timers.

Beyond heating, Cohesive also saw the opportunity to upgrade their lighting. Their old lighting was provided by ceiling-level fluorescent tubes, presenting them with the option to reduce running costs, improve ambience and enhance design. All of their lighting was converted to LED, varying in design, from attractive flat panels to lamps in decorative closures.

The project has been a catalyst for many progressive changes in our business. It’s helped make the office a really comfortable, nurturing space for our creative talent. It’s allowed us to live up to our ambitions to be an ethical and sustainable small business. And the money we’re saving, we’re reinvesting in projects and causes to benefit our community.

Andy Williams, Cohesive Communications

Cohesive Communications office lighting

Interest-free loans

Interest free loans are available to small and medium-sized businesses in Wales wanting to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint by installing more efficient equipment and renewable technologies. Businesses must have fewer than 250 employees to qualify and the size of loan offered is based on the CO2 savings of the project, which will be assessed by the Carbon Trust. A range of energy efficient building and industrial process technologies are considered, including lighting, heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, pipe insulation motors and biomass.


Read more: Cohesive Communications Case Study (PDF)


Eligibility and availability of loans are subject to Terms and Conditions. For more details please see interest-free energy efficiency loans.

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